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The Snake in my belly

After 2 years work in progress our member Ram Das Kaur (Sabine Ohle) has finished her movie about Le Martinet. The film is 71 min and has a new title „The Snake in my Belly“. It’s a touching cinematographic contemplation about a personal searching for healing. And it’s a deep diving into the nature of and what's going on in Le Martinet in the circle of one year. 

You are free to organize a film screening for your students or people with longing to learn more about Le Martinet as the heart of ANS. We appreciate your initiative. Please contact Sabine to get access to the film in full length: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Karta Singh on 2019

Dear Friend,

This was my wish to talk to you before the end of the year 2018 and help you cross this transition.

2019 brings us a “ten” as a gift. So, the inspiration and the challenges that will come to us, will be around the “10” consciousness. This is very exciting…. and extreme!
Zero and one is about the whole, the global. Global situation. Global, planetary consciousness. It’s about all of us together. One thing that we are not able to manage – is our togetherness, our oneness as one planet. In the year to come, even though we need to be in balance locallywhere we live, we need to communicate globally. We need to open bridges between each other and open up in new ways.

We were following the dream of advanced society and developed countries, but we realize now that the system we have built in the last hundred years is not answering our needs. We have reached the end. We have discovered everything we could discover on this planet. We thought it was infinite and unlimited, and we realized – reality is limited. Petrol is limited. That‘s reality. Reality keeps on changing constantly and has its own limited time, but Truth is “Permanence”.

Zero and one is like Maya, the perpetual hallucination. Collective hallucination is meaningless, it’s zero. And one is about truth, oneness. There is a challenge and confusion between truth and reality. When we take reality for truth, then we get projective, we get attached, we get reactive and that is happening at the moment. We consider that everything must be possible for our own personal benefit. We must be in control, and this is the door open for Tyranny. As much as we are looking for recycling energy and renewable energy, we need to look in ourselves - as we have crystallized our “selves” around limited belief system for the last 3000 years - where is our renewable consciousness?

Zero and one is a relationship between the old and the new. The old generation that went through the test of time, building hopes and projections on what the Aquarian age would be, has now to let go their vision and empower the new generation. These are ready in a much different way than anything we could anticipate. In the next seven years they will go much faster than any of us before and bring us into a sense of togetherness with much more awareness and much more efficiency that we never had before. And we should support them.

This is a year to understand that the leadership through the Aquarian age is about how to be a source of inspiration, so each one can feel he is a leader and in charge of his own destiny. Why people are so much in pain? It’s because they haven’t found their Unlimited Self. And they relate too much to the outside world. It is a year to welcome the leadership and the leader within you. Be the leader of your own life. Don't be driven by circumstances. Be solid, be established, be constant. If your mind is disciplined, if your mood is tranquil and calm, you are ready to face anything. Time to give birth to this new leader and find infinite possibilities and potential on the edge, where everything is ready to collapse and everything is ready to take off!

2018 was the completion of a 7 years cycle since December 2012. Remember the MAYAN Calendar. We needed to generate new roots as we could abandon what could limit us, what was our sense of attachment to the past. Now there is a big vacuum, the deep ocean of the unknown. Let this unknown manifest to you and guide you.

This year we are starting a new 7 years cycle: it is about growing through LOVE.
How to offer our self to life?

How to build and cross “the golden bridge”?

Being on the edge was always the place where we can find the divine. Between zero and one, light isON or light is OFF. We are plugged in or we are off. So, this is the year of all possible tensions. The twin flame will be reactivated. This is the cycle for KUNDALINI ENERGIE. We are invited to be very relaxed to face the time. Any circumstances coming in 2019, will give us a good reason to grow if we use the circumstances to expand. This year is the time to stand for our words and reconnect with our oneness. To speak out, and stand by each other in support and understanding. If you subject yourself to circumstances you will end up as a YOYO... Avoid to get caught in reactions. Let’s remember KABIR :
Do not go to the flower garden, my friend, do not go there! Within you is the flower garden”.

10 is also about introspection. When circumstances and pressure are coming, we need to move into meditation, into introspection. Sit down, meditate and let the true self speak to you. The truth of any reality is about YOU.

This is a year of waking up. We need to awaken our physical body every day. It needs to be extremely sensitive and very clear. The nervous system needs to be strong. Have the courage to say – “I can take care of my health. I can support my physical body. I can care for it, and I can boost my vitality".

And… this is a year for the sense of humor! Please, start the year with a lot of laughter. Practice the Kriya of laughing about everything that is so ridiculously serious, because nothing is absolutely serious here. This is what YOGA IS.

Remember, when everything is locked and you feel absolute powerless - it's time to go in your cave. Do not rush into reaction. Stand for where you are and lead yourself through confusion, bringing clarity. Don't give up into pain, into negativity, and don't spread it, please. There is enough.

I wish you a lot of joy, a lot of happiness and fun by looking at circumstances from another level. I wish you to stay on the edge. Realize, manifest your true essence on the edge. Do not shake, do not move and don't step forward, but let the unknown reveal to you, be with you, support you and inspire you. Then we will create this dream together - to be in harmony, in peace and tranquility.

I love you all. Sat Nam!

Blessings Karta Singh

Suggested practice

Suggested practice to bring yourself into deep awareness through the breath

Seven-Step Breath

 Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh. 

Breath pattern
Inhale in 7 steps with the mantra bringing the white light through the all your subtle bodies. Exhale in 7 steps seeing that all the dirt and the energy you need to let go coming down from the first chakra back to the earth. The earth is there to take and transform what we don't need, what we can release. Then hold the breath out for 7 counts (use the mantra to count). It will strengthen your nervous system, boost your glandular system and make you very-very tranquil.

"Sa Ta Na Ma Ra Ma Rama" 
Each syllable – 1 second. Rama is Sun and Moon. This is the ten, one and zero. And Ra Ma is one, zero, and Rama – together. This is bringing you back into this oneness of the day and the night, the conscious, the subconscious. Transcending cycle and karmic reaction.

Use the same mudras as in Kirtan Kriya, but keep each of them for the full breath cycle.
First cycle – thumb touching the index finger, second cycle – the middle finger, third – the ring finger, fourth – the pinky.

Repeat the full breath cycle 7 times, each time changing the mudra. You will finish on the Sun finger.

It’s a reminder of who I am. I am a breathing soul in this body and connected with the whole Universe through the breath. And when I calm down the breath, I am in faith, I am in empathy with the breath of the Universe. And holding empty is transcending the zeroness of the Maya. What usually wants to make you believe has a meaning - actually has no meaning. So, we should end up watching the life today all around you. And anything you see dragging your attention, pulling your reaction - just apply this mantra:
"This has no meaning. This is a reality who has no meaning". Find the True Self that is meaningful. Because who is meaningful - is just you. This is all about you. Not about what's going on. Come back to yourself, remember who you are - that you are unlimited, you come from the unlimited, and you go to the unlimited.

You can practice this exercise many times during the day. Anytime you have a lap, any time you can rest, anytime! You can even be doing this in the car. You're not going to space out. You're going to be even more clear, more present. It is essential to bring your presence. And that presence comes when you are aware of your breath.