Amritnam: A Learning Community

Beyond Borders

Amrit Nam Sarovar mission statement

We are an inspired community 

Dedicated to serve the great awakening of humanity

We welcome the transformation though experience with support and love 

So each one may discover and deliver their soul purpose

Together we manifest the new


Amrit Nam Sarovar is a learning community beyond territory and culture, rooted in the traditional Yoga. Founded by Karta Singh Khalsa, The School today consists a worldwide network of practitioners of Kundalini Yoga. Serving the teachings for over 35 years has revealed a path to creativity and collective guidance.

We do not want to guide you ‘somewhere’. We invite you to cultivate an attitude of permanent learning. To abandon what needs to go. With your realisation as your only true qualification.

Experience is our door to understanding. Expertise our necessity. Sharing is our path. Everything that is not given, is lost.

Your own plan of self-development has to unfold. Through a unique multi-level mentoring system based on the principles of Guru-Chela (a direct relation to the teachings through the understanding of the other) you will enter a space for a learning process. You willingly give yourself to be tested, inspired and challenged by a vortex of traditional wisdom teachings transferred through experience from teacher to student. So that your life becomes your yoga. Life in action as service.