Karta Singh


Founding Director of the Amrit Nam Sarovar Yoga School (ANS)

He was born in Morocco in 1950.

At the age of ten he had to abandon his homeland. The family had been living in North Africa for three generations when - due to political unrest - they decided to go back to France in the early 1960s. This sudden disruption instilled in Karta a deep longing to belong. He then embarked on a quest that would make him understand what it means to have a home and a tradition.

In his twenties Karta was determined to access a body of knowledge that would re-connect him with the roots he had lost. He studied mathematics and physics, taught himself oriental philosophy and psychoanalysis: in search for the true teaching that would give life meaning, purpose and direction.

Eventually, he was initiated into a freemason brotherhood. He joined a circle of highly committed individuals. Well-respected, learned and efficient members of society, these men had dedicated their lives to building a brighter future for all of humankind. This encounter planted the seed in him for a broader understanding of what made life meaningful.

It was in the mid-seventies when Yoga Bhajan first crossed Karta’s path. Immediately, he recognized him as the teacher he had been looking for: not a mere man of intellect and applied philosophy but a true spiritual master. During a tantric course Karta came as close to the man he considered his teacher as he could possibly come. In a moment of Kundalini rising Yogi Bhajan literally entered his body. This was the beginning of an alchemical relationship that would change his life forever.

Karta followed Yogi Bhajan in his vision to build a global community with spirit being the founding principle and common bond between all mankind. This would only work if people changed their level of consciousness. Therefore, Karta made it his mission to help people transform and realize their full human potential. He started teacher training, which did not exist at the time. As a pioneer, he created programs in France, Belgium, England, Russia, Austria, and Switzerland. With the teacher training Karta reached out to as many people as possible. 

In 2011 the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) honored Karta Singh with the Outstanding Service Award for his contribution to the legacy of the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

When Yogi Bhajan died in October 2004, he left an impressive legacy. Teachers would spread the teachings in all four corners of the world. For Karta it was a time to re-connect with the initial vision: How far are we on the road towards an inclusive and enlightened society? How can we live in dharma (righteous living) in the west today? How can we facilitate a strong sense of living for each other? How can spirituality truly guide us in our lives?

On his land in the French Alps he started building a space that could serve as a foundation for living the teachings. He considers Le Martinet as a sign post that welcomes people looking for a spiritual home. People living for each other beyond borders, beliefs and religions. It is a journey to becoming fully human.


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