It’s easy to be inspired. What’s not so easy is to keep being inspired. Getting up in the morning to practice and maintaining a soulful connection throughout the day, takes more than sheer willpower and the desire to change. It also requires good company. The company of people who are invested in seeing you transform and can help you keep up through the changes.

When you join Amrit Nam Sarovar, you join a support network of mentors who are also developing. In our school, everybody’s learning and the learning never stops. Mentors are also mentees and vice versa.

This means there’s always someone there for you when you get stuck. Not as a crutch to lean on, not to drag or push you forward, but to offer a fresh perspective on your situation. The mentor is there to keep you real.

In this process of personal transformation, the mentor is of tremendous help in getting us unstuck. In helping us see what we cannot see ourselves and in adjusting our attitude in how we move forward.

And to be a mentor yourself? Ah, well, it is the most elegant of positions. You become empty of your own problems for a while. Get to be humble, totally present for the other and need to maintain yourself steadily in your higher consciousness. It’s good practice!

Good practice of the values we need to adapt to our time. Living for each other. Uplifting ourselves through uplifting others. Understanding through compassion and realizing the other person is us.

It goes something like this: Through experience we learn. We crystallize something from that learning, some wisdom or understanding, and we can share it with others. But in order to take the next step ourselves, we need to be unattached. We need to dissolve what we have understood again to make room for an ever expanding consciousness.

Stepping into the mentoring programme of Amrit Nam Sarovar is a great way to deepen and strengthen your practice and commitment, not only helping yourself but others to grow as well.

How to access?

Your previous experience determines the best way to access the school and thus, the mentoring. First of all you will need to get a feeling for and a grounding in the culture and attitudes within the school if you have not been with us before.

If an absolute beginner, you can start with one of the Access Courses like Eveil de Soi (Awaken the soul), True Man or Woman of Joy. If you have done level 1, then the obvious door is level 2. If you have done level 2 with us, you are welcome to apply to be a mentor.

If you have done level 2 somewhere else or are from another tradition, you are also advised to start by one of the access courses. If you don’t know, have a look on the website and if you need advise specific for your situation, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



New here?

Amrit Nam Sarovar is an international school of learning. We offer globally recognized teacher trainings in kundalini yoga, as well as a number of other courses for the human spiritual evolution.


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