F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

Please read this page carefully before sending us an email or calling us. We do everything we can to answer your questions quickly, but most of the time they already have an answer right here. Thank you in advance for your careful reading.


How to get to Domaine Le Martinet by train?

The closest train station to the Domaine Le Martinet (located at the exit of the village Saint Michel les Portes) is Monestier de Clermont. A TER line connects Grenoble train station to Monestier de Clermont. Once in Monestier, you have to organize your trip to Domaine du Martinet. Several solutions are available to you: once you have registered for a training course or a retreat, we put all the participants in contact with each other. We encourage carpooling, which is practiced with great fluidity between students, even when they do not know each other. If you can't find someone to pick you up at the train station by car, you can reserve a local cab. At certain times of the year, the SNCF covers part of the cost, which makes the price more affordable (please inquire at Monestier de Clermont train station). During the rest of the year, we advise you to organize with several students to share the cab fare. Ask the cab driver for a quote when you make your reservation (Tel: +33 6 08 16 24 34) to avoid unpleasant surprises. Some drivers do not accept to go down to the school entrance and prefer to leave the students at the entrance of the property a little higher up. Be smiling: with a little kindness, most cars will agree to drive all the way down. If this is not the case, you will only have to walk a few dozen meters to reach us. In the summer, during the immersion week (Awakening Level 1 module), the school organizes shuttles that link Grenoble to the Domaine Le Martinet. Once you have registered, we will keep you informed of this offer at the appropriate time, no need to book it now.

How to get to Domaine Le Martinet by plane?

The closest airports to the Amrit Nam Sarovar school are Grenoble, Geneva and Lyon. You can reach the Grenoble train station using the public transportation available in each of these three airports. Once at the Grenoble train station, read the previous question to reach Le Martinet by train. You can also ask the other registered students, by email, once the list is sent by the school, if they come by car and if they can possibly pick you up on their way.

How to get to Domaine Le Martinet by car?

Please read the Travel directions page where you will find a Google map. We encourage you to share your journey with one or more participants in order to reduce the carbon footprint of your journey and already meet people committed to the same path of transformation as yours. Once you have registered, we will send you the list of participants (as soon as it is finalized) so that you can offer a place in your car or pick up students at the Monestier de Clermont train station or at the Grenoble train station. Your car should be parked in the parking lot at the top of the property and not at the entrance to the school (these spaces are reserved exclusively for team members).

If I cannot attend the first module of Kundalini Awakening Level 1 training, do I have to wait until the next year to register or can I start with another module in progress?

We recommend that participants in Kundalini Awakening Level 1 training complete their entire training in the same year, from start to finish. The bonds you will form with the students in training are powerful. They will support you throughout your adventure. Nevertheless, if your schedule does not allow you to commit to one of the four modules, please contact us and we will see if we can make some adjustments, on a case-by-case basis.

I have been trained to teach kundalini yoga (Level 1) in another school and I would like to join Amrit Nam Sarovar to start the Level 2 modules, is it possible?

Kundalini Awakening Level 1 training that we offer at ANS is different from the classic Level 1 teacher trainings that are offered in other schools not affiliated to ANS. We strongly encourage students from other training programs to take part in the "Immersion week" module that takes place every summer in July before going further with us. This week, which is part of the Level 1 training, will allow you to understand our way of teaching and will put you in tune with the vibratory frequency of the place. If you do not have the opportunity to attend this training first before starting your Level 2 modules, please write us an email explaining your project and how you heard about us.

Is there an order for Level 2 modules?

No, you can take the Level 2 modules in any order you wish. However, we recommend that you do not start with the journey to the Beyond (Spiritual Warrior Week) which is more intense than the others.

I don't have the opportunity to come and train in the Vercors in France. Do you recommend other ANS certified training courses?

Visit the "Amritnam Network" page. You will find a list of ANS certified training courses that are offered worldwide, and perhaps close to you.

What should I bring during my stay at Le Martinet?

A water bottle and a thermos (we want to avoid buying plastic bottles when we go hiking in the mountains, so bring the containers you need), a notebook and pens to take notes, comfortable clothing for yoga practice, as well as a mat or sheepskin and a meditation cushion (brick or zafu). Bring warm clothing (even a hat in the middle of summer) so that you don't feel cold when you wake up, waterproof clothing in case of rain, a bathing suit to enjoy the river, shoes suitable for walking. You never enter a practice area with your shoes on: remember to bring shoes without laces that can be easily removed and that you will not be afraid of getting dirty. In the summer, you will need to pack your camping gear (tent, tarpaulin, extremely hot sleeping bag, headlamp. No need to bring toilet paper or shower gel and shampoo: these products are provided by the school). A more precise list will be sent to you according to the module, training or retreat you are registered for at the appropriate time so that you can prepare your luggage with peace of mind.

Do I have to buy white clothes and a turban to come to training?

No. You can wear the clothes of your choice, in the color you like, but you will not need to wear a turban to practice (unless you choose to wear one). At the Amrit Nam Sarovar School, you will not be evaluated on your clothing, which in no way determines your level of spiritual awakening. Choose comfortable, warm clothing and don't forget to bring a raincoat in case of rain.

I have to work during my stay in Amrit Nam Sarovar. Does the school have a Wifi network?

No, we choose to free the students from their usual constraints by sheltering them from the wifi network reserved for team members. Moreover, 4G is not always available between the mountains, some operators do not pass on Le Martinet domain. We recommend that you organize yourself beforehand in order to take full advantage of your training or the retreat you have chosen to live at the Amrit Nam Sarovar school. We also advise you to turn off your cell phone for the duration of your stay. Once there, if you wish, we will give you a telephone number that you can share with your family and friends. They will be able to reach you in case of emergency.

I don't speak English or French well, are the trainings or experiences translated simultaneously?

The training courses as well as the retreats are all translated into French and often taught in French and simultaneously translated into English. Students who speak only German or Russian should inform us at the time of registration so that we can organize a translation for them beforehand. We do not guarantee translation into Russian and German for each course.

I can't arrive to the beginning of the training only the next day, is it possible?

It is recommended that you organize yourself to follow the training from beginning to end. However, you will be welcome if you need to arrive once the training has started.

What if I have to leave one or two days before the end of the module?

The programs are designed meticulously. The final hours are essential for integrating the awakenings of consciousness and digesting the teachings. They also prepare for the return home as they give everyone time to share their experience with other students and say goodbye. Nevertheless, it is always possible to leave the school before the end of a course. The choice is yours.

I would like to arrive earlier and leave later, is it possible?

We ask you to respect the arrival times in order to be able to welcome you properly. They are indicated in the descriptions of each training course or retreat. Same thing at the time of departure: trainings are held at Amrit Nam Sarovar School and we need time to prepare the school to receive other students after your departure. However, if you have a special request, please contact us by email and explain your need and we will see if it is possible for you to sleep an extra night on the estate.



How do I validate my online registration?

Whatever the module, experience or training you have chosen, you must validate your registration by paying a deposit by credit card or bank transfer. Please contact us if you do not receive an email confirming your registration.

Is it possible to spread my payments over several months?

We offer students enrolled in Kundalini Awakening Level 1 training to pay their fees in three installments. If you need an additional adjustment, please contact us by email.

I have to cancel my participation in a module or a week already paid in advance. Can I get a refund?

All payments are non-refundable if you cancel your participation. If the course is cancelled on our side, you will get a full refund of your payment. 



How do I know in advance in which room I will be accommodated?

We make sure that everyone is accomodated in good conditions. In the summer, we encourage or impose camping (during the Eveil de Soi, the Immersion week, the Summer soma) not to punish the students but to allow them to reconnect with nature. With their deepest nature. The rest of the year, students can choose if they want to camp or to be housed in collective dormitories and rooms on Domaine Le Martinet at an additional cost. We have a few individual and collective rooms which are often occupied by our supervising teams. When there are still places available, we offer these accommodations but we cannot guarantee them in advance. Trust the Universe: everything that happens to you is always at the service of your highest potential.

I would like to book a single or double room, how do I do it?

You can request it but we cannot guarantee that you will be accommodated in the room of your choice. The allocation of rooms depends on the number of students in training.

Is it possible to camp during non-summer months?

Yes it is possible, some students prefer to be in contact with nature and settle at the edge of the forest. Our common sanitary blocks near the camp are open all year round. In the spring, nights can be very cool, so remember to equip yourself accordingly.

I don't have a tent, do you rent one?

We have a few tents available for rent (10€ per night). We reserve them in priority for students who come from abroad and have to travel by plane. Please contact us by email if you would like to reserve one.



Is there a physical level required to register for the various trainings or retreats offered by Amrit Nam Sarovar School?

No, there is no "level" required, especially for pensions. Concerning the Kundalini Awakening Level 1 training, it is important to take regular kundalini yoga classes with a qualified teacher. The health crisis of 2020 has allowed many students to discover this yoga and meditation online. However, a "face-to-face" class is different from a class taken behind a screen, the energy generated by a large group is singular and it seems important to us that you have experienced this before embarking on an intensive training for several months. We recommend students who are unsure of the right direction for them to experience a "soma tantra" with Satyavrati Karta (the Summer Soma for example) or a retreat at the Amrit Nam Sarovar School such as Eveil de Soi, True Man or Woman of Joy. Satyavrati Karta also offers regular three-hour masterclasses in the form of videoconferencing throughout the year (to keep you informed of upcoming dates, subscribe to our newsletter). These different programs will give you an idea of how we work and how kundalini yoga is transmitted in our school.

Are the trainings meant for a certain age group?

No. Qualifying courses are not limited to an age group, they are open to everyone, from the age of 18.

At what age can one experience True man, Woman of joy or Eveil de Soi?

These experiences offered in the summer are open to registration from adolescence. However, do not register your teenager without his or her agreement. It is your child who should feel the call in his heart, not you in his place.

I am pregnant and would like to start training at Amrit Nam Sarovar School, is it possible?

Yes, every year we welcome many pregnant women during our training sessions. We then adapt the programs and the diet according to their condition.

My current state of health does not allow me to do certain postures, can I still engage in the training that interests me?


I am intolerant or allergic to one or more food groups. Will my diet be respected?

Yes, you must inform us as soon as you register and provide a certificate from your attending physician. Be sure to distinguish between food allergy and the temporary discomfort that certain foods may cause. At the Amrit Nam Sarovar school, all the ingredients served are organic, most of them now come from our vegetable gardens. They are therefore extremely rich in prana (vital energy).



I don't want to teach kundalini yoga but I would like to take the Level 1 and Level 2 teacher training. Are these trainings exclusively designed for future teachers?

No. These qualifying trainings are open to all those who feel the inner call. Each year we receive students who do not have the desire to teach but who want to discover their soul mission and honor it.

I do not wish to practice Healing Rays but I would like to follow the Universal Healing Rays training, is it possible?

This training is open to everyone. It is not reserved for future therapists or kundalini yoga teachers. It opens new ways of understanding one's mission and constitutes a formidable tool for access to one's Divine Self.

Is the certificate of Kundalini Awakening Level 1 training delivered by Amrit Nam Sarovar sufficient to begin teaching?

After the Level 1 exam (at the end of their training), students will obtain a certificate issued by the Amrit Nam Sarovar International School which they can present to any yoga studio that requests it. This certificate informs about the number of hours followed in kundalini yoga teacher training during your Level 1 (200h) in an international school that has already trained several thousand teachers around the world. We would like to point out, however, that no diploma or certificate will ever qualify you as a teacher. It is your students who will make you the teacher you will become. It is your commitment to daily practice, your taste for lifelong learning and your humility that will qualify you. Furthermore, the Awakening Level 1 training is a foundation on which we strongly recommend that you build a solid structure through the seven modules of Level 2, especially if you wish to teach kundalini yoga!

Why did the Amrit Nam Sarovar International School choose to be independent?

We have an international network of certified teachers and schools around the world who share our vision of teaching. This vision is based on a permanent questioning of the way we can transmit the teachings. Teachings are teachings, they don't change. The way in which we enable you to receive and understand them must evolve according to the present energies. This is why we have chosen agility and independence. We are not interested in teaching dogmas. Repeating the same recipes and phrases without taking into account the acceleration of paradigm shifts does not resonate with our values.

Are the trainings delivered by the Amrit Nam Sarovar School affiliated to the CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation) and to the French State aid for people undergoing professional reconversion?

No. We value our independence. If you are in financial difficulties and need to spread your payments, please contact us by email.

Is it possible to rent the domain in order to organize a training or a retreat?

Yes it is possible. Contact us by email to tell us about your project and we will study together the feasibility and the adequate price offer.

I am a musician, can I bring my instrument?

Yes! we encourage all musicians to come with their instruments and share their talent. The Domaine sacré du Martinet is the ideal playground for musicians and singers who like to meet near the river, in the forest or during sadhanas.