Reconnect with your Self and rejuvenate your body thanks to Ayurvedic ancestral medicine
healing center in kerala

RETREAT Nov 2021

21 days or 14 days

and Healing rays

2-16th or 2-23nd NOVEMBER 2021  >>>Register here

Honor yourself, Honor your Health and dive in the ayurvedic lifestyle

Chose to open, allow and accept to receive love, support, care and nourishment from Mother Earth, the medicine, and the team.

Spend 14 or 21 days (recommended) in the 200 acres Heava Forest in Kerala (South India). Thanks to Ayurvedic ancestral medicine, yoga, and healing rays, you will release pain in your body, clear and calm your mind, let go of old emotional wounds.

Come, join and rejuvenate your life.

You will stay in a green leaf certified Ayurvedic hospital. All treatments are traditional and deliver by highly qualified doctors, therapists, and practitioners. The purpose of Ayurveda is to preserve health and also address illnesses by balancing your dosha according to your Prakriti meaning your basic constitution.

Personal guidance will make you aware of your blocks and resistances. The Healing  Rays session in synergy with the process of the cure will amplify the ayurvedic treatments.

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Food and Diet
A special diet will be given to you by the doctor according to your Doshas
Food is Indian vegetarian only

Ingredients for treatments

Internal medecine will be given to you accordingly


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Your daily routine

You will receive two yoga classes then major treatments called Panchkarma therapy, 5 processes used for body cleansing prescribed by the doctor. This retreat will help you to lose weight, to balance yourself, to get better sleep, to get better digestion, help your joints... Then minor treatments and a Healing circle by Karta Satyavrati and the team.

Please, watch this video from Dr. Deepa

  TAKE the time 
you need to REST,


Unveil the path 

What does it cost?

  • (2 single beds) 40 m2
  • With attached bathrooms
  • A/C  
  • Common treatment room
  • (2 single beds) 60 m2
  • With attached bathrooms
  • A/C  
  • Private treatment room

Price in a shared room:
Option 21 days    2 297 €
Individual room +250 €

Option 14 days 1 547 €
Individual room +170 €


Price in a shared room:
Option 21 days    2 697 €
Individual room +690 €

Option 14 days 1 797 €
Individual room +460 €

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What is included?

  • Consultation with an ayurvedic doctor and follow up.
  • Treatments (2 treatments per day, one major, one minor), medicine, 2 yoga class, food prescribed by doctors.
  • Collective Transfer from Cochin Airport to the ayurvedic center in the group. (If arrival is on the 1st morning before 10 am, and departure  by collective transfer on the 22nd around noon from the ayurvedic center).
  • Consultation and healing ray session.
  • Healing circle meditations with Karta, Jai Gopal, and Har Nal.
  • Visit the factory.
What is not included? 


  • ARRIVAL: Nov 2nd at KOCHI airport                                              
  • Collectif transfer at 9.00 am (private transfer is possible, on request 50 euros)
  • RETURN: Nov 16th or Nov 23rd collective transfer around 1 PM (private transfer on request 50 euros)


As the November period is busy, please save your place as soon as possible so we can book more space for us.
Deposit 350 € nonrefundable

Make sure to see images.



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