Amanae  Healing Retreat  

October  15th - 20th  2018       


The 5 day AMANAE workshop I participated in at Le Martinet was one of the most profound experiences of my life so far. The space was held very safely by a team of dedicated experts and they supported us to go deeply into the process with really extraordinary and transformative results. I recommend this full body opening experience to anyone, it is very life - changing.

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During our lives, energy gets stuck as a result of our 'skill' in suppression. We lose the capacity to allow joy and love to flow through us. To renew the life force through us, we need to revisit the old pains and traumas, free them, and live lighter.

With Amanae, you learn that you are the true healer. The practitioner brings the blockages to the surface of your consciousness, and supports and guides you to enter the blockage and let it go. 

Amanae uses firm movements into blocked areas of the body to wake up old, stuck energy. Deep breathing helps to release the blocks and allow a flow in the body and spirit.

Blockages often occur because at some point in our lives, usually early in childhood, there were strong emotions that were too much to feel. We held our breath or found some other way to suppress that emotion. Over time, the emotional energy crystallizes, causing discomfort and eventually illness.


This work is often described as a distinctly spiritual experience, where elements of the Self long-forgotten resurface.

The workshop begins a process that will continue to unfold for months, years, and possibly for the rest of your life. Most participants report dramatic shifts in their lives and consciousness after the workshop.

Har Nal Kaur has brought together a team of top international practitioners to lead this life-changing workshop. This is the place to let it all go, and step more fully into your divine Self.

The day will be structured to support the healing process

7am                   Morning group meditation
8.00                   Breakfast
9.00 -12.30       1st session
12.30 - 15.30     Lunch and rest time
15.30 - 19.00     2nd session
End of day with an evening meal 


Date/    15 - 20 October 

Please arrive 15th October Monday evening.  We will start the program with a light meal at 8pm followed by an introduction .  We finish Saturday 20th at 6pm

Accommodation/    Bedrooms in the Gite at Le Martinet  
Price/   1250.00   (Discount available for dormitory rooms)
For more information and pre-registration please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Testimonials : 

I was part of an Amanae 5 days retreat in Le Martinet center (France) in 2016. 
I experienced a breath taking journey with this healing technique with which i wasn't familiar. It enabled releasing hidden emotional traumas in my body that were unknown to me / unexpressed, and
litteraly changed my understanding of the mind-body mirroring & storage of the past. Though requiring a strong emotional engagement/opening from the participants, it was a beautifull and powerfull experience.
A special thank to the healing team, which showed to be extremely involved, talented and caring.  

vincent mongalvy


My AMANAE experience was very deep and intensive. I got in touch with myself, with all emotions that came up. My body was hurting and my soul crying.
I screamed, I laughed I crieded. And after every session I had that wonderful feeling of being cleaned, peaceful , soft and painless.
Reborn and reconnected in a way. Those were the best five days in the year.
 Love and Light
I couldn’t have hoped for a  more supportive and skilled team. It was a deeply transformative experience . Held in a beautiful, spiritual setting, healthy food , lovely accommodation. An unforgettable time! 

Elisabeth Kurzman


It's difficult to put it in words, because it was one of the life changing experiences.
I felt like I was born again, and in this new life I got a body with completely another level of feeling awareness and aliveness.
Love Nikica

Mit Amanae habe ich sehr berührende Erfahrungen machen können, meine tief, im Körper, in jeder Zelle verankerte Wut und Trauer zu spüren. Ein Kindheitstrauma konnte sich bei mir mit dieser Arbeit auf einer sehr tiefen Ebene weiter lösen und heilen.
Ich habe nie zuvor eine so tiefe und bedingungslose Liebe in mir und um mich herum von den Amanaepraktikern in ihrer Arbeit gespürt.
Ich bin von Herzen dankbar, diese Art der Heilung in meinem Leben schon mehrfach erfahren zu haben.

Lots of love Ravijot 😘
Katharina Kienscherf 
The Amanae 5-day full body opening workshop was one of the deepest and most transformational experiences I ever had. I was confronted with old pain, deep fears, limiting beliefs and emotions that I hadn't allowed myself to fully feel for a long time. Somehow the 5 days felt like months because so much shifted and happened. The entire time I felt very supported and safe.
I left feeling uplifted, much lighter, fully alive in my body and with deep gratitude towards the practitioners and also to myself for going on this journey...And the journey continued and still continues. 
Anne Morgenstern, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and I went to to do the training and am now a Amanae Practitioner

The Amanae week was a very deep and strong experience for me. I went deeply in so far unsuspected emotions, strengths and pains, discovered an impressive side of my personality, traveled far far into my body and past, and felt massive currents of energy. It was also - surprisingly - something so soft, the practitioners begin so sensitive and full of humanity and kindness, and having a master knowledge of their craft. The group and context were totally and sweetly supportive, also".
I hope you and everybody in Le Martinet are doing well.


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