Brahm Kvach Japa Retreat 2022

Friday 30th September – Sun 2nd October

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Kindle the inner fire through Japa. This spiritual heat will inspire you to live for truth and drop your negative habits.

Guru Gobind Singh established the practice to build caliber and character through constant self-elevation (Japa creates Tapa). Yogi Bhajan came to serve the West as part of this lineage. He instilled in us the spirit of the warrior-saint. And he prepared us to be leaders for the Aquarian Age: uplifting every one no matter the circumstances.
We dedicate this gathering to humanity as a whole. Our prayer is that in this time of transition people will find peace in their minds and the resolution to act for the best future possible.

Start: Fri 30 Sept @ 20.00

End: Sun 2 Oct @ 12.00 noon


Le Martinet, 38650 St. Michel Les Portes (40 minutes south of Grenoble), French Alps


EUR 150 all in (without transport!)


Please book soon as places are limited!       


Very powerful. It gave me a lot of courage and I dropped a lot fear.  It helped me find my next step in my life. 


We will be practicing 40 hours in a row in the presence of the havan. Please come and join the Ashram team in its effort to re-connect to the purpose of what we are building. You are most welcome even if you have no experience with yoga and meditation. 

In ancient cultures the rectitation of a mantra or japa is an opportunity for harmonius metomorphisis, by utilising this meditative gate way in time. No place is better than mother Earth and her healing vibrations. Living in the womb of nature allows a detox from the mental, physical stresses of these times, to re-centre. Combined with organic foods, yoga, meditations, and use of sacred food, this time can let the true experience of the self shine through. 

In preparation for the retreat we kindly ask you to recite the mantra 31 times every day (31 min).

Download mantra onto your local computer, unzip and play

Or download this version, which goes straight into the recitation, without intro and outro (better for meditation) 


This will be a retreat in natural untouched forests. Therefore you will need to bring the following:
1. Your soul.
2. Your love.
3. Your readiness to take the challenge and take the leap of personal power.
4. Your trust.
5. Tent, Sleeping bag and mat.
6. Washing essentials.
7. Towels.
8. Warm, water proof, and light clothing for the days.
9. Head cover and hats. 



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