Eveil de Soi

Awakening the Self

Saturday 13 August - Saturday 20 August 2022
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A week training that offers you a deep immersion in the experience of WHO YOU really ARE.
Many people have been touched by this week which was initiated by Karta Singh 30 years ago as a vision of what could be an awakened humanity. Today Self-Awakening is our duty. The time is on us.

The course is taught in English with translation into French.


- Is the course maintained this summer? - Yes!
- Are there still places left? - Yes, as long as the registration form is active, it means we still have places.
- Is there any other type of accomodation possible then a tent? - Sleeping in a tent is part of this course's experience. If you don't have your own tent, you can rent one from us.
- I am new to yoga. Can I come for this course? - Yes, this week is fits well both beginners and experienced practitionners (also at any age and physical condition).

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This is an adventure in your consciousness that helps you meet with YOU - identify what you need at this present moment, your intentions, your blocks and resistances, your life situations, why they occur to you, and how you can possibly change them. And what’s even more important - to discover and connect to your unique inner gift.

You do it through learning how to access the sacred space, how to notice and read the signs that Universe is sending you.

If you feel you have something in your life that is stuck, that’s not working, that you’d like to change; if you want to get to another level of understanding of yourself, your path and people around you - Eveil de Soi is the course to do.

This week offers a unique program. It is a singular opportunity for a breakthrough.

KRIYAS OF KUNDALINI YOGA, PRANAYAMA , MEDITATIONS, YOGIC LIFE STYLE, HEALING, GROUP ENGAGEMENT, PERSONAL PRACTICE IN THE WILDERNESS…Hundreds of people have been touched deeply experiencing the week as turning point in their lives. They met with the time. Yogi Bhajan always told us “When time is on you, start. DO NOT MISS THE TIME".

This training is for EVERYONE, doesn’t matter if you have done yoga for 10 years or just been to one class. You can do and re-do it at any time when you feel you need re-evaluate WHO you are NOW, WHERE you are NOW, and what you NEED at this present moment


  • Physical Regeneration
    Tantric mono-diet to purify and cleanse your body and being. Most ingredients of the mono-diet will come directly from the land where they grow in unspoiled nature. This makes them a rich source of prana, the life force, which keeps our bodies alive and healthy. Sacred Kriyas of Kundalini Yoga (dynamic postures, breathing, sounds and rhythms, mantra-yoga, deep relaxations, massages etc.)
  • Opening the Centres of Consciousness (chakras)
    Stimulation of the chakras at the throat and heart allows us to communicate authentically with our own selves, working in pairs and with your language group (maximum 17 participants). At the third eye, the space for intuition is opened.
  • The game of Life, LEELA and the Shamanic journey
    The week is designed to make you face your deep-seated structures (unconscious programming). Laughter and humour settle the mind so that real joy and peace emerge.
  • Creative and Intense Meditation
    Get into the beat of the Universe through Venus Kriyas, derived from Tantric Yoga, so that you can share and integrate this new way of approaching life.


  • Meet with your inner guide, your Master within. Realize you can read your own life by yourself and guide yourself. Open up to be able to access the sacred space and to read the signs from the Universe. And then - trust those signs and act on them.
  • Develop a confidence and start feeling much more positive towards your life and the challenges you suddenly see.
  • Trust that transformation and changes are possible, and your life is not an exception. Experience the truly safe space where you can overcome your fear. Open up to new.
  • Connect to nature.
  • Connect to many other like-minded beings in a deep, profond, truly satisfying way. Find friends for life.
  • Re-discover the excitement of life, find back your original joy.


You’ll be taken care of by the team with 20-30 years experience who have guided thousands of people to renew themselves so they can renew their lives:
Karta Singh, Har Nal Kaur, Jai Gopal Kaur, Guru Deva Kaur & other teachers from ANS School


The course takes place at Domaine Le Martinet, an hour’s drive from Grenoble in the French Alps, at an altitude of 800m. Here, air and prana mix with the fragrance of surrounding pine forests, and with the primal spirit of the mountain torrent. Karta Singh and a group of committed individuals promote a dharmic way of living, based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.


See "Travel directions" page.

If you are looking for / offering car-sharing, please, put your name and details on the list:
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Arrive - 17:00 / Leave - 08:30


Le Martinet provides a camping ground. Please bring your own tent. If this is not at all possible, we can provide a limited number of tents on site. Please contact us to check availability before you make any arrangements.


EUR 795 ALL IN (non-refundable)


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Please register for this course and pay the full cost online or transfer a non-refundable payment of EUR 795 to the ANS account La Bonne Porte (bank details will be sent by email). Upon registration you will receive further logistic information.

We welcome you with open arms and a warm heart. We are delighted to consider you one of our future students. For further information: Sent an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"I had the privilege of experiencing myself on a whole new level during a week which has left such a lasting positive impression on my life. I am forever grateful to the teachers and Karta Singh for facilitating this amazing life enhancing time at Le Martinet. I would recommend anyone go – you don’t need a reason, but if you can step outside of your everyday life for just one week - make it this one."

Darshan Atma Kaur

"Coming out of this week, I felt upset, completely returned and wondered why I had come here. The work done during this internship continued to make its way and a few months later, I became aware of so many things, as if I finally woke up from a long sleep. This experience changed my life."

Guruka Kaur


If you are teaching regular kundalini yoga classes and you feel ready for something more than just delivering kriyas - you are welcome to come for Eveil de Soi as a mentor training with your students. It is a perfect place where we will open the space for you and train you to become a teacher-mentor.

It is the way how you can improve the holding the space, the inspiration of your students, the guidance on their own destiny. You will start feeling your students better, understand their intention, their hidden self, their resistances, and be able to know what to offer them for their next step.

What is a teacher-mentor?

It's about the sacred space and art of listening. The art of uplifting and being a guide, a way-shower, the art of inspiring the students to impact the world themselves.

 Eveil de Soi is a perfect adventure for you to:

  • discover the sacred space and subtle communication, the language of signs, symbols, the art of listening
  • develop your intuition and better clarity
  • improve your ability to guide your students
  • start feeling more confident about yourself as a teacher
  • learn how to hold the space more consciously and allow people to enter their process with trust; inspire trust in your students, so they can go deeper.
  • It will enrich your regular classes, and if you eventually plan to start your own local level 1 training, it is a perfect first step!

- You should have done the Eveil de Soi before;
- There should be minimum 2 students coming with you.

For more information, please, send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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