Consciousness and action

Le Martinet International Soul Gathering SOMA-TANTRA 

August   Fri 14 - Sun 16 early evening          Register here
(Dates in 2021: August 12 - 15)

What we used to have as a festival is changing its format this year.

Time to greeve and abandon the attachment to the old world, and old ways of living.
Let's meet to invent the new planetary culture together. 
Let's discuss how we can project globally and act locally. This is yoga through action.
Time to awaken your hidden talent. Let's take advatage of our differences. 
Let's see how we can access a group consciousness in synergy.
Time to reflect through medidation, share and inspire each other.

Let's respect life, celebrate life as a divine gift and the serve life flow for perpetual living.

Families, partners and friends are welcome!

There will be no children's camp this summer.
You can still come with your children, but please, make sure you have somebody with you to take care of them while you participate in the practice.

Please bring: 
- set of dishes (bowl, plate, glass and cutlery)
- your tent and sleeping bag
- everything you need for yoga

Register online here 

Summer Soma Program

Friday August 14th:
Arrival 5pm
Opening the land space, discovering the land
Seva allocation
Saturday August 15th:
5 am to 7 am  : Sadhana 
7:30 am : Breakfast
8:30 am to 9:30 am : Seva
9 am to 1 pm : Tantric practice with Karta 
1 pm to 2 pm : Break, light lunch 
3 pm to 6 pm : Tantric practice with Karta 
7 pm : dinner
Saturday night : 
Singing around the fire
Sunday August 16th:
5 am to 7 am  : Sadhana 
7:30 am : Breakfast
8:30 am to 11 am : Workshop
Subject: Spirituaity in permaculture (yoga with the Earth)
Presentation of Le Martinet project : retreat, yogic experience, permaculture garden, school
11 am to 12 pm : Break, tea / healthy snacks
12 pm to 4 pm : Tantric practice with Karta
4 pm : Sweet break
5 pm : THE END



Time - 
arrive Doors open @ 17 h  Friday
Time - leave  :  Sunday after 17:00

Please, note that there will be NO lunch on Friday and dinner on Sunday.

Domaine Le Martinet, 38650 St Michel les Portes, France


See "Travel directions" page.

If you are looking for / offering car-sharing, please, put your name and details on the list:
Car-sharing SOMA TANTRA

Camping & we have a few rooms available upon request at an additional cost
To request a room, please, fill in this form:

Your tent, sleeping bag & camping mat, your own set of dishes/cutlery, water bottle, towel, warm clothes for early morning and evenings and of course everything you need for yoga (clothes, mat / sheep skin / cushion, shawl for relaxation)

COST (Camping with own tent)

Adults (Regular price)
270 Euro (discount for couples 10%)
Discount price for participants of Woman of Joy/True Man
235 Euro

Children  :  
under 7 years old - free of charge
7-13 years old - 30 EUR/day
14-18 years old - 50 EUR/day
adults coming to take care of children (without participation in the program) - 70 EUR/day

(It is possible to stay Sunday evening for the small fee of 25 EUR)

Register online here 




SOMA is pure medicine for the soul. It has its roots in Kundalini Yoga and the tradition of the Sufis: People gather to celebrate the Divine, which is deeply nourishing. Movement, sound, breath, trance techniques - in combination with the collective energy of the group - give access to an elevated state of consciousness. We can experience our Higher Self, and in turn relax into life out of a deep connection. We become aware of what needs to change. 

Since 35 years Karta is traveling the world to facilitate these experiences. With SOMA TANTRA he now takes it to a whole new level of acceleration. They are true gatherings for our time, because they have the potential to effectively rid us off individual and collective conditionings. 

These outmoded patterns in our genetic makeup get triggered by the enormous pressure humanity faces today. We urgently need to break and revoke the codes that keep us locked into the past. This highly precise energy work includes all our energetic bodies, opening up all blockages. Transformation is possible. It is YOU though who needs to drive it. Otherwise the medicine cannot do its work. 


1. KRIYA - Physical practice that activates a different vibrational potential, in turn provoking both hemispheres of the brain to work simultaneously. Mostly they only work alternatively.
2. TAAL - Specific rhythms to help realign our pulsing with the pulsing of the Universe. 

3. NAAD - Combines rythms with different sound currents to trigger frozen emotional memories. They will start moving again and accelerate the flow of your inner medicine. 

4. PARTNER EXCERCISES - You will practice on your own or with different partners. Your partner represents an extension of your soul. She mirrors your reactive personality, your Lower Self, and thus functions as a catalyst and accelerator of frequencies. This technique makes use of the mind’s tendencies to attach itself to the other, to turn your partner into an object. The impulse to control will be loosened and eventually dissolved with the practice. Self-empowerment is the result. 

5. RELAXATION - Periods of rest are as important as the active parts. It gives you time to integrate your experience. 

After SOMA TANTRA you might feel content, relaxed and joyful experiencing a high degree of awareness and expansion. You might also feel sad or annoyed. These emotions are just an indication that the surface, the part of you that covers things up, has cracked open. You now have the possibility to see and fully acknowledge what is really happening for you.



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