True Man    

August Mon 12 - Fri 16 2019   

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Karta Singh about the True Man 2018:

"One of the features of the True Man this year - is that we found an amazing cave to spend the whole day in the dark. Be in the dark is like entering a mirrow and to see your life and yourself from the underworld. 
It is a cave of Mnemosyne where very old memories have been buried, even from past life. The totality of this memories, dark memories and situations we don’t want to revisit through time, is called papa purusha.

Diving in the underworld will allow us do both:
- identify the extreme enemies who turned our life and ourselves into an imposter - that actually we keep betraying ourselves without even noticing it. 
- and also find the dark companion there. There are very strong energies what we call the world of animals of the underworld, your totem animal and power animal are there waiting to support you if you create the relationship with them.

So, we’ll investigate in both directions and we’ll discover a very specific area of the underworld. This is a very unique journey to reveal to yourself things that still limit you.

We’ll be on tracking, bonfire, very deep level of communication and opening to brotherhood, healing. We’ll have a work with sounds, gongs and singing. That will deepen our level of meditation.
Overall is - discover our own unknown and befriend it. 
That’s what we’re gonna do this year"

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TIME         Arrive - 17:00  :  Friday  18.00  +  Sat & Sun > TANTRA SOMA with Karta SINGH



Le Martinet, 38650 St Michel Les Portes South of Grenoble in the middle of the French Alps Directed by Karta Singh


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