True Man 2020  

August Sat 8 - Thur 13 after sadhana               


- Is the course maintained this summer? - Yes!
- Are there still places left? - Yes!

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Like every year, True Man 2020 is going to be an amazing adventure. 

This time we will are not going tracking in the mountains, we will stay in Domaine Le Martinet. But you will go for a vision quest.

We will have a lot of experience around transformation and embracing the New Man.
- What is the responsibility of the New Man?
- How to keep our intuition alive?
- How can we assist?
- How can we guide?
- How can we protect?
- How can we innovate our new planetary future?
- What's the Man of the Tomorrow?

We will focus on body, speech and mind, and how we can adapt, transform our perspective.
We will se how to boost our intuition, how to readjust our talk and our voice to express ourselves fully and to let our voice be heard.
We wil find ways to conquer the inner enemies that are blocking us from our freedom and discover ways to support and inspire yourself.

On the 14th of August we expect more people joining us for SYNERGY 2020 (what used to be Le Martinet Festival).
We will devote these three days to communicate about how we can join our efforts to make this world a better place to live in. And of course, there will be practice of SOMA TANTRA and prayers and meditation around the fire!

You may choose to stay for these three extra days!

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Come and join!

TIME         Arrive - Saturday 17:00  :  Leave - Thursday  after sadhana

PRICE       530 EUR


Le Martinet, 38650 St Michel Les Portes South of Grenoble in the middle of the French Alps Directed by Karta Singh


Please Register here for this course  or, if you have any questions beforehand, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Har Anand Singh
    Kundalini yoga and gatka teacher,  Sat Nam Rasayan and Gong healer

  • Denis Yanutin (Gurumukh Gyan Singh)
    In yoga since 2008. Completed Level 1 and Level 2 teacher training in Amrit Nam Sarovar. Teaching kundalini yoga since 2013. At the moment - member of the board in Russian Kundalini yoga teachers fedeartion, executive director of "Yoga in the office" company, creator of the project "Gratitude yoga", teacher-mentor in Amrit Nam Sarovar teacher trainings. 

  • Harmanjot Singh
  • Phebus Astoul


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