True Man 2021

July Sat 3 - Fri 9 after sadhana

MAKE YOUR CHOICE for the life and the world you want to live in.
Consciously. NOW!     

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This year we will stay in Le Martinet.

Here's a short overview of what we will be doing:

your (daily) starting point:
- what is silence, what is acceptance – how to practice it
- (when you hope, you attach to something) so what does it mean to be "hopelessly present"
- about our inner peace and openness, the willingness, devotion to receive
- the power of gratitude, devotion and humility

every early morning
- pranayama set by the river
- cold bath
- hot tea or miso-soup
- warming up + gatkapantra - the warrior dance on earth to experience shunia and presence, unconditional flow of love. While you establish a new pattern, you drain the energy from your old habits
- sharing circle (short, focused) about your dreams over night, thoughts, especially feelings/needs at the moment – you may express it not only using your words...
- we integrate the essentials of the morning talk into the daily program together
- chanting together

- SEVA/break (1hour)
- after breakfast - clowning: games, selfexpression
- yoga

topics we work with
- being alone, be your mother and your father
- sex (how you penetrate a person is how you penetrate the world)
- figure out, what it is you are doing/being, why, what is driving you, what you are seeking – dare to ask, receive and express answer

elements / practice
- clowning as a powerfull tool to come out of your box
- yoga/meditation
- drums/gongs/sound/voice – exploring world below and world above (building a drum as your devine instrument, shamanic drumming+chanting; scream/cry held by your brothers; devoting / singing with the gongs - the cosmic sound)
-vision quest (find the spring: walk through the river up; there are sometimes crossings, choose, all will bring you to a spring, find a place over night, come back through the river flowing to the ocean = you are the river, you are not the boat) doesnt matter, if two guys meet same riverarms or spring; we agree to be in silence)
-sweatlodge (dare to meet your fire, your potential and be with it)
-TANTRA YOGA / we meet the women camp

- SEVA/break

every evening practice around the fire
- massage
- powerfull workout yoga
- special tea
- sharing circle / music / chanting together
- we sleep together near the fireplace
- Gongs into the night

„I want to know how human you are. Can you sit at the feet of the dying despite the discomfort? Can you be with your grief, or mine, without trying to advise, fix or maintain it? I want to know that you can show up at the table no matter how shiny, chakra- aligned or complete you are- or not. Can you hold loving space for your beloved in the depths of your own healing without trying to be big?“

Come and join!

Teachers / mentors
Karta Satyavrati (France)
Rüdiger Har Anand (Germany)
Yannick Ruin (France)
Dennis Yanutin (Ukraine)

TIME         Arrive - Saturday 17:00  :  Leave - Thursday  after sadhana

PRICE       530 EUR


Le Martinet, 38650 St Michel Les Portes South of Grenoble in the middle of the French Alps Directed by Karta Singh


Please Register here for this course  or, if you have any questions beforehand, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


- Is the course maintained this summer? - Yes!
- Are there still places left? - Yes! As long as the registration form is active, it means we still have places.


  • Har Anand Singh
    Kundalini yoga and gatka teacher,  Sat Nam Rasayan and Gong healer

  • Denis Yanutin (Gurumukh Gyan Singh)
    In yoga since 2008. Completed Level 1 and Level 2 teacher training in Amrit Nam Sarovar. Teaching kundalini yoga since 2013. At the moment - member of the board in Russian Kundalini yoga teachers fedeartion, executive director of "Yoga in the office" company, creator of the project "Gratitude yoga", teacher-mentor in Amrit Nam Sarovar teacher trainings. 

  • Harmanjot Singh
  • Phebus Astoul


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