Amritnam Yoga ONLINE

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May 10, 16.00-17.30

Satyavrati Karta offers first international kundalini yoga class online with translation into French, German and Russian.

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Peace within, peace all around you, by resonance all there is - is peace.

This is the true meaning of Ek ONg Kar Sat Nam. Oneness is the essence of the field.
It's time to meditate on that essence. Meditate, concentrate within. Cut from outside. 

Try to find peace in the nature. And when you find the peace within, resonate the peace outside. That's the resonance, your resonance. Work on Narayan and on the peace outside.
Wherever you focus, you generate the reality.

If you focus on peace, you don't contribute to the agitation of the collective mind.
Focus on bringing peace within.


Next Karta Time - 25 October 2020 @18:30 (CEST)

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