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Amrit Nam Sarovar Retreat and Ayurveda

Domaine Le Martinet

Practical information and registration
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As we cannot travel  to KERALA (India) and we already booked our time on our agenda… we finally decided to create a local version at Le Martinet!

Between 20th November and 20th December
Choose your spot and formula (8, 15, 21 or 28 days)


Choose to take a time OFF for introspection. Reconnect to your essence - ISHTA, your TRUE SELF.

  • Realize and accept your current obstacles, distractions and source of stress.
  • Take care of physical pain, toxic habits or any conflicts within your constitution (Prarkriti). 
  • Dissolve your resistances 
  • Find the harmony for the imbalances of your Dosha (Vrikriti) and your digestive fire (Agni).
  • Become aware of your Prakriti and Vikriti in order to boost your immunity to live a long and peaceful life.

Three formats

The longer the cure is, the deeper the care process and the action of the plants will go into the tissues. It's like an onion being peeled. 

1 treatment per day depending on the course of the treatment. Your choice of treatments will be made according to your needs determined during the first consultation. 

  1. Cure Discovery
    8 days (7 nights and 8 days of treatments)

Start to clean, dissolve essential dissonances. Get into the maintenance of your systems and tissues. Discover a nutrition and a hygiene of life adapted to your constitution.  



  1. Cure Deepening
    15 days (14 nights and 15 days of treatments)

Clean and dissolve dissonances in the first tissues. Regenerate and balance your Dosha and all the bodies. Deepen your nutrition and hygiene of life practice adapted to your constitution.  


  1. Cure-Retreat
    21 or 28 days (20 or 27 nights and 21 or 28 days of treatments)

It is the minimum time to stop the negative tendencies of Vrikriti (imbalance of the doshas), to clean, nourish and regenerate the tissues. Rebalance in depth the five elements. Reconnect to the subtle energy of the source. Give yourself time to regenerate at the physiological and cellular level, but also to find clarity, intuition and vitality.  

PRICE 21 days:

28 days: 3760€

- Ayurvedic vegetarian food (3 meals/day) 
- Accommodation in single (if possible) or double room 
- Ayurvedic treatments + healing rays treatments. 
- Yoga, pranayama and meditation

Not included: post cure treatments.

Practical information and registration

Types of Treatment

According to your needs as determined during the opening consultation, you will be able to receive the following treatments: 
Kalari Marma Massage: a rare and powerful abyangha from a family of vadya masters in Kalaripayat. To de-store the doshas in excess in the tissues as well as ama (particles that we digested, but not eliminated), that is responsible for all the diseases. 
Kizzhi: pouches made from medicinal plants soaked in hot oil and applied as a massage. Powerful anti-inflammatory treatment. 
Njavara Kizzhi: Rice and herbal pouches soaked in hot milk and applied as a massage. Powerful regenerating and nourishing treatment. 
Lepana: cataplasm placed on painful areas or joints. 
Basti back or heart: oil tank placed on the back or heart to clean and nourish the tissues. Very effective in case of back pain, herniated discs or on the heart for heart or emotional problems. 
Colon basti: preparations based on plants and oils to cleanse and nourish the colon. Fundamental to balance vata and associated imbalances. 
Shirodhara: Massage with a trickle of warm oil on the 3rd eye area. Balances and cleanses the entire ENT sphere. Improves sleep and migraines. Very soothing. 
Pizichil: Maharadja's care. Massage with a trickle of oil all over the body. Cleansing and nourishing. This treatment is so subtle that it will also work in the etheric and emotional bodies. It requires 5 liters of oil. 
Creative and energetic Treatments for Sky-Earth harmonization: Ayurvedic massage of the head, hands and feet with kansu bowls. Healing semi-precious stone treatments: massage with the hands then focus on the marma (vital) points blocked with the heated stones. Some specific stones are placed on the chakras. Very energetic and balancing. Face care according to ayurveda.

Ayurvedic oils and medicines

The oils and medicines are produced by a family from the ancestral tradition of vaidya in Kerela, India. All the plants are natural, hand cut and sun dried in the greatest tradition. 

They are made in the greatest tradition of an ancestral family of Indian Vaidya which today has become the teaching and sharing family of Jasdev, the coordinator of the cure. Everything is prepared without any machine. The plants chosen in their natural environment are carefully cut by hand and dried in the sun. For the preparation of the oils, they are decocted in the fire many times in oil during 7 days under the protection of the Hindu divinities and the infusion of mantra or meditation. The medicines thus gain a high vibratory quality.

Our Team

Satyavrati Karta: personalized yoga and meditation consultation. 
Jas Dev: Coordinator. Consultations and care. Therapist and Ayurveda practitioner. Graduate of EIVS in Lausannes, Graduate of Dr. Joshi's clinic, Nagpur (India) and Graduate of Clinique Sreepathie CVN Kalari, Kerala (India). In continuous training for 9 years at the rate of 2 months in 2 families of Ayurvedic masters and vaidya in India, Kerala. 
Anne DAVID: Assistant and care. 
Victoire: Ayurvedic chef. 
According to the demand the team will be completed by the following therapists: 
Muriel Maurin, Caroline Aiguier Leleu: Consultations and treatments. Therapists and practitioners in Ayurveda. Both graduates of the EIVS in Lausannes, both graduates of Dr. Joshi's clinic, Nagpur (India). 
Aude Chambru: Assistant and care.


Before your arrival 
To begin to cleanse your body, balance your agni (digestive fires), and prepare yourself for the cure, remove meat, dairy products and bread very gradually, over 15 days to 3 weeks. Get to eating only cooked food, cooked vegetables, cooked cereals, well-cooked vegetables. Only eat fruit outside of meals without mixing varieties.

Then follow the recommendations. 

A/ Drink the following decoction during 7 days before your arrival : 
- Organic fresh ginger: cut into thin slices the value of your first thumb phalanx + 1 liter of water 
- Boil for 30 minutes on medium heat in a saucepan with a lid
- Stopping the fire 
- Add 1 teaspoon of the spice mix for Agni below

Spice mix for Agni
Mix in equal doses in a jar for the week 
- Cumin 
- Fennel 
- Coriander 
- Turmeric

B/ Before each meal 
Drink with every meal: ½ teaspoon of the spice mixture in the value of a teacup of hot water

C/ 3 days of KITCHERY the 3 days before your arrival 
If you need, ask us for the recipe

Entering the retreat

- 1 Orientation consultation to clarify your intention and resistances (Healing rays) 
- 1 Ayurvedic consultation: specify your physiological intention, your Doshas and the symptomatics. 
- Yoga lifestyle, silence and Mindfulness. 
- Daily Yoga class for opening nadis 
- Daily meditation 
- Daily Pranayama 
- 1 main daily ayurvedic treatment 
- 1 secondary daily ayurvedic treatment (except for the lighter formulas) 
- 1 Ayurvedic consultation at the end of the treatment with advice on lifestyle and nutrition 
- 1 healing treatment with Universal Healing Rays
- 1 consultation in the end of your retreat with development plan 
- Mini-conference on Ayurveda, lifestyle and nutrition 
- Light ayurvedic vegetarian food corresponding to your Prakriti and your vikriti - three meals a day

Post cure/retreat

Plan a rest and integration period for as long as possible after your stay. 
Install new eating habits, life hygiene and practice. Prolong the treatments and care recommended during the consultations.

Practical Info

Dates: Flexible, between 20th November and 20th December. 
Choose your arrival date and let us know
Arrival: from 12h till 17h on you chosen date
Departure: before 11h on your last day
Maximum number of participants (simultaneously): 10
Adress: Le Martinet – St Michel les Portes 38650

How to register:
1. Send an email with your chosen dates to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. Wait for the confirmation of the dates and payment instructions
3. Send the payment to confirm your participation




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