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MUDRA: Connect Jupiter and Saturn fingers with the thumb on your right hand and with these three fingers touch the ring finger of your left hand. Put this mudra in front of your heart.
This is Time and the Master-Surgeon who will help you cut the bond and attachment to samsara, put together with your personality. And we are married with the Onenness of the Universal Teacher. We surrender and open our heart to the teaching of how we can expand and grow into Love.

The world needs healing and so do we.
MANTRA of Sherab chamma, named also as Tara, Divine Mother.
It represents Source of connection, connection to ourselves, to each other and the rest of the world.
Connected to the source, the space of The Mother,
Her medecine Love and compassion.

Explanation from Satyavrati Karta

"Sarab Shakti energy is the feminine Green Tara energy. It is the grandmother, the mother of all the Masters. She has the capacity to inspire you when you go through the extreme pressure to find the Love, and the Resource, the Inspiration to do one more step when everybody falls apart.
This is not a hope. This is indoor energy, your ultimate resources.
When you are touched by that Love, one drop is enough to make you go beyond any sort of limitation. The Tibetans call it Green Tara.

It's a part of our tradition of Kundalini. This is this amazing feminine energy that any yogi has to have a high respect, and really surrender and open up to receive the blessing of that energy.

This is the mantra we chose to practice here, in the ashram, for 40 days.
Every evening we dedicate ourselves to open the space of this loving Tara, loving Mother, grandmother energy who fills our heart and overwhelms our capacity to love. The mantra is about just pure Love and Devotion.

I invite you to connect to the source of Love, reabilitate your capacity to connect, accept, open up to receive, because it is given. To everyone. Open up yourself, connect and then, by you being connected to the source of the Onenness, of that amazing rain, you will connect to everyone. Everyone.

It is the Love medicine. If you open yourself, you will start generating it and feeling it. It will heal anything of your lungs, anything of your mind, anything of your emotional body. Just open up.

Dedicate it to the peace of mind, the peace of heart, the peace in human being wherever they are on this planet, whatever is their challenge, pressure and difficulty. Cut the attachment to pain and suffering. Bring this loving energy and create that field all around. From your own Light.

Dedicate in your home, in your house, in relationship to your children, to your partner, to your parents, to everybody that you are separate from, that you can connect directly from your heart. Spread the Light, spread the Love and open your central channel, your light column, to receive this Mother Love. What happenned to us is from loving kindness, not from arch condition.

Be open to receive much more Love you could not even imagine you could receive".

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