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    This course has already started. Registration is open until June 1st after a phone / WhatsApp interview with Jai Gopal : +41 79 758 44 32.

    Please, don't just register without calling.


    Given the current situation around COVID-19, and answering the call of many souls who decided to join the training this year, we adapting our program to times and conditions.

    • The first introduction module will be held ONLINE on 15-17 May (LIVE)

    The following modules will happen on:

    • 18-26 July (Immersion week)
    • 7-13 September 
      Arrival on 07 September after 5 p.m. Departure on 13 September after 6pm

    After September we will offer the dates of an additional module to complete the training program.

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    An experience-based transformation course to find a teacher within you.

    This is a step into changing your life, discovering and becoming who you really are; to spread your light, inspire and uplift other people.

    More than just teaching yoga classes…

    But what is a teacher today? It’s not enough to just teach postures, breath and meditation.

    We are honouring the original teachings, received from living Masters, Mouth to Ear. We went through 36 years of traditional transmission of the “Master’s Touch”. You can’t find our access in books, but only through the delivery of qualified mentor-teachers.

    There are different qualities you can have as a teacher:

    • a way-shower
    • a healer
    • a mentor
    • an uplifter

    You need to go through a transformation process to connect with yourself and discover those qualities within you, then you will be able to impact others in one or another way, and for some this is through teaching yoga classes.

    Why choose us?

    At Amrit Nam Sarovar we are dedicated to serve the great awakening of humanity. Our training program and teachers are unique. Our course delivers mindfulness, consciousness training and self-development. It is a 200 course with Certification to teach Kundalini yoga.

    We connect to the energy of today to awaken souls, so that people can receive the universal wisdom in the NOW. It’s the time for Humanity to resolve our past stories, traumas, dramas and illusions. 

    Our training teaches you through joy. We want you to experience how joyful the discovery of self is. The blissful moments are always there for you to take. The choice is yours”.

    Our methodology is based on experiencing the teachings in your life and group consciousness. Therefore, to aid this our training is residential allowing you to fully immerse and confront yourself. The collective group energy is nurturing and supportive. You will make friends for life and you join a family of collective souls.

    You will be guided and supported through the whole training by a mentor-teacher.

    We also utilize the energy and consciousness of mother earth. Relearning how to reconnect to this amazing support.

    We deliver what you need!

    Kundalini yoga is an excellent and effective tool for shifting energy and changing patterns. So, you can start living guided by your intuition and your soul.

    You will learn 21 Kundalini yoga Kriyas in depth. We show you posture by posture how energy moves and impacts your body and mind.

    We show you your challenges, those that you are aware of and some you are unconscious of, so that you can start to discover their root cause and understand why these challenges come across your path, to help you to clear this unresolved energy.

    The training holds up a mirror; held with love and compassion to help you see what you can’t.  We introduce you to practical ways in which you can live these teachings and how you can integrate them into your life today and how these teachings can aid you in your journey, in your life.

    For continuous support and guidance through the whole training there will be regular  'Mentoring sessions'  These will be lead by your trainer and held online.  


    Topics covered in residential modules :

    • The Dynamics of Kundalini Yoga
    • History & Philosophy of Yoga
    • Oriental Physiology
      • Chakras
      • 7 energetic bodies 
    • Introduction to the mind & meditation
    • Mantras
    • The five elements
    • Karma 
    • Universal Laws
    • Health 
    • Yogic lifestyle (Humanology)
    • Kriyas -
      • Asana 
      • Pranayama
    • The spiritual path

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    An uplifting learning experience to help you understand how yoga can open up your life. Immersion in nature, community living, yogic lifestyle and an international context provide an environment to come out of ordinary living. You will directly experience the transformative power and essence of the teachings. Develop your intuition, your discipline and capacity to serve. Allow your uniqueness to emerge. Create a direct relationship with your own development.

    Amrit Nam Sarovar cultivates an attitude of permanent learning and offers a process to qualify your own development through a multi-level mentoring system. Therefore, it also serves as the training ground of the school and its trainers. It is the place where we share the teachings from a common source of inspiration through a variety of teaching styles and approaches, drawing upon a vast repository of experience.

    The Amrit Nam Sarovar Kundalini Awakening Training level 1, or ‘Outreach’ for short, takes place in the middle of nature, in the French Alps. It is led by an international team of Teacher Trainers under the guidance of school director and founder Karta Singh Khalsa. The course is in English with translation into French, German and possibly other languages. The training consists of 3 four day modules and one week, all held at the ashram over six months. During the training everyone will be assigned into a mentoring group that oversees the continuity of the process. At the end of the training there will be an exam.

    In the 4 day modules we will meet with the Outreach group only, while in the week module, in the summer, we meet with all the ANS level 1 groups together at Le Martinet, the mother ashram of the school. In this unique immersive week you will learn together in an international group. It will strengthen your connection, to others as well as to your own true self.


  • Dates 2020

    Register here for level 1



    Fri 15 May - Sun 17 May Module 1 - ONLINE LIVE!
    Sat 18 Jul  - Sun 26 July Module 2 
    (Immersion 5 elements)
    Wed 7 Sep - Sun 13 September Module 3 extended
    Dates will be announced later Module 4


    SCHEDULE for the online module:

    Friday 15 May

    Saturday 16 May and Sunday 17 May
    05:00-07:30 Sadhana
    10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00 Studies


    Regular offline modules: 

    Doors open/arrive :  17.00 - Program starts at 19.30 on the day of arrival 

    Program finishes   :  17.00 on the day of departure

    For the Immersion week (18-26 July): arrival is on 18th July between 17:00 and 19:00,  the module finishes on the last day after sadhana and breakfast at around 8.00 in the morning. 

    For people who come by public transport:
    you will need to order a taxi from the nearest train station - Monestier de Clermont.

    Here are the numbers we recommend:
    - 09 69 32 21 41 (+33969322141 for international calls) linked to the railway station company, it is the cheapest, you have to book the taxi 48 hours before
    - Bouzac taxi company 04 76 34 30 81 or 04 76 34 07 93
    +33476343081 / +33476340793 for international calls
    - Steph Taxi 06 85 65 14 41 (+33 6 85 65 14 41)

  • Registration

    This course has already started. Registration is open until June 1st after a phone / WhatsApp interview with Jai Gopal : +41 79 758 44 32

    Please, don't just register without calling.

    Register here for level 1

    To register simply click the link above. You will be taken to the registration page and after registration you will receive further instructions in your email.

    If you have any questions beforehand please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Price

    All our prices include 20% VAT.

    The course fee in 2020 is € 2.900

    See below for Payment Schedule

    Included in the price are the tuition fee, food and lodging (mod 1:  seminar house, all other modules : camping in own tent)


    Register here for level 1

    Other lodging options

    We also offer a limited number of tents and guest rooms you can book at an additional cost. These are the options available:

    You can rent a tent from us if you cannot bring your own - € 5 / night and person
    dorm - € 10/night per person
    double room - € 20 / per night per person
    We recommend to book early as the rooms usually fill up quickly. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make a reservation and inquire about availability.

    Additional investment

    Extended meditation practice (part of the qualification requirements)
    Option 1: 40 hour Japa Meditation experience
    Option 2: SOMA workshop by Karta Singh

    Details are listed on the following pages – ‘Courses’ and ‘Karta on Tour'


    2020 price structure

    Payment Schedule | Total €2.900

    Register and pay €750 at least a week before the course starts

    • No additional payment for mod 1 online
    • Pay €750 at mod 2 (Immersion week)
    • Pay €750 at mod 3 (7-13 September)
    • Pay €650 at mod 4

    Payment Schedule with Discount |
    A discount of €100 is available = Total €2.800

    Register and pay €1650 before the course starts. 

    • No additional payment for mod 1 online
    • Pay €400 at mod 2 (Immersion week)
    • Pay €375 at mod 3 (7-13 September)
    • Pay €375 at mod 4 


    2019 (Old) price structure

    Payment Schedule | Total €2.700

    Register and pay €750 before 31 December 2019 

    • No additional payment for mod 1 online
    • Pay €750 at mod 2 (Immersion week)
    • Pay €750 at mod 3 (7-13 September)
    • Pay €450 at mod 4

    Payment Schedule with Discount |
    A discount of €100 is available = Total €2.600

    Register and pay €1650 before 31 December 2019 

    • No additional payment for mod 1 online
    • Pay €350 at mod 2 (Immersion week)
    • Pay €300 at mod 3 (7-13 September)
    • Pay €300 at mod 4

    Cancellations & Refunds

    If cancelled up to 1 month before the training starts, we will retain 50 % of the €750 deposit (= € 375). The same applies for those that choose to pay the early bird discount price: they will get back all that they have paid minus € 375

    If cancelled less than 1 month before the training starts, the entire deposit of € 750 is due. If you’ve paid €1.650 (discount option) we will also retain € 750.


  • Location

    All Modules

    Address: Aux Martinets, 38650, St. Michel-les-Portes
    Nearest train station: Monestier de Clermont
    For travel directions click here

    This is a camping location, and upon request, and for additional cost we have some rooms in our guest house available.

    To inquire about availability and costs please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Testimonials


    "The training renewed my love of and respect for nature. There was a moment on the training where up until that point I had been intensely attached to my family and mother and suddenly there was a feeling that the earth was my mother.
    The spirit and support of the group and the teachers was invaluable during the training - it goes beyond business transactions and certificates to a genuine care I felt for our spirit and well being. 
    I discovered the power of discipline and purifying the body and mind, and even though I slip up so much, it's OK, there it is to come back to. And I can't wait to continue to the 500 hours and explore more of the connection with nature and the universe". 



    This course, this experience, has given me something to treasure and nurture for the rest of my life.

    Other Kundalini schools will show you what you need in order to teach.
    Amrit Nam Sarovar will take you on a journey to yourself...

    ...Then you'll be a teacher.

    Sat Narayan Singh


    I wasn't sure why I signed up for the teacher training level 1 with ANS at the time, but I am so grateful that I did. It was the most amazing and profound journey. I discovered depths of strength that I didn't know existed, found that the impossible became possible, and found a deeper more compassionate connection with myself. I don't ever intend to stop this journey into yoga, into the breath and the body, into the heart mind and soul of what it is to be human.  It is now the most important part of my life. And to share it now, to teach it is a joy and a blessing.  :-)