Kundalini Awakening

Level 2

  • 2019 Dates and Course Details

    The registration for Level 2 modules 2019 will open in December.

    1st year 2019

    • Mar 16-23 Kundalini Dynamics: Kriya and Self Healing
    • Aug 31- Sept 6  Journey into Listening: Multi-Dimensional Communication

               Sacred Geometry is listed under Courses in September , click here

    Doors open/arrive from :   15.00 - Program starts at 19.30 on the day of arrival

    Program finishes :

    • Kundalini Dynamics:  finishes after sadhana on the day of departure 
    • Journey into Listening :  finishes at 12.00 on the day of departure 

    2nd year 2019

    • Feb 23 - Mar 1  Journey into Mind     : Trance and Transcendence
    • Jun 8-14          Journey into Tantra   : Light & Love
    • Oct 5-11          Journey of the Soul    : From Lineage to Destiny

    Doors open/arrive from 15.00 - Program starts at 19.30 on the day of arrival - Program finishes at 12.00 on the day of departure


    Venue:   Le Martinet, St Michel Les Portes, 38650.  France

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  • Price

    The price of a single module is 880 € all-in

    To confirm your place please register online with a €300  deposit  (€150 is non-refundable)

    Please note that upon registration you will receive an email to confirm your place on this course with further logistic information.

    Discounts:  A discount of €100 is available for those that sign up for three modules at once and pay a deposit of €1640 before the first course starts (the €1640 can only be paid by Bank transfer)

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  • Location

    For 2018: Domaine Le Martinet, St Michel Les Portes, 38650

    Travel Directions

  • Registration

    The registration for Level 2 Modules 2019 will open in December.

    To register for 2018 modules, click here.
    You will be taken to the registration page and after registration you will receive further instructions in your email. If you have any questions beforehand please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

March 16-23 Kundalini Dynamics: Kriya and Self Healing

  • the concept of excitement, expansion, containment, and completion applied to kriyas
  • the dynamic of the five tattwas applied to physiology and metabolism
  • symptoms of energetics and kriyas to heal deficiencies of organs and body systems (against aging, for the brain, for weight loss and gain)
  • Naad, prana, and pranayama in Kundalini Yoga
  • diet: food as medicine, pattern of transformation of colours, forms, and tattwas
  • physiology of kriya

Registration will open in November

Sep 7-13 Journey into Listening: Multi-Dimensional Communication

  • The power to speak and to be heard
  • the art of listening: the hidden self and its agenda
  • communication therapy
  • communication and chakras
  • communication and the projection of a teacher
  • communication with the infinite and the unknown
  • the power of your prayer
  • lots of inter-actions and practices

Registration will open in November

Feb 23 - Mar 1 Journey into Mind: Trance and Transcend


  • immersion in the meditative mind 24/7
  • introduction to the sacred space and 9 aspects as 9 archetypes
  • the experience of shunia
  • breath walk and walking meditations
  • diet: special food for the brain (very light and sattvic)

Registration will open in November

Jun 8-14 Journey into Tantra: Light and Love

  • HE: TRUE MAN - the nature of your nature, the blocks you cannot talk about, being invincible, how to succeed your quest, being a myth? how to talk to women, special man to man
  • SHE: ADI SHAKTI - the graceful woman - her 11 moods and her grace, lunar being and solar being, animus integration, sisterhood, beauty secrets, menopause
  • WE: AUTHENTICITY - relationship to higher self, alchemic weddings, polarity and the tantric path. Relationships and reconciliations, how to balance your sexuality

Special assignment: For the 40 days before the course a mono-diet of kitcheree, the practice of Sat Kriya for 11 minutes per day, and refraining from sex.

Registration will open in November

Oct 5-11 Journey of the Soul: From Lineage to Destiny

  • analysis of your autobiography
  • Become aware of the transmission through the blood line “genetic body”
    • How it affects your life, your choices, your reality
  • Recognize, honour the gift of the lineage
  • finding the crucial transition points in your life
  • the cycles of destiny and fate
  • the rings of success
  • the cycles of consciousness, intelligence, and life
  • discover the destiny of your incarnation
  • how to re-write and set your goals and destiny. Including Success and prosperity

Registration will open in November

2018 Oct 27 - Nov 2 Journey to the Beyond: the Spiritual Warrior

  • "I am the master of my destiny; I am the captain of my soul."
  • Let go your limited selves that drives your life,  and then choose your Soul desire and needs
  • What do you serve : Divine Will or Ego Will 
  • Invest yourself in your higher self, is your best contribution to Humanity 
  • Live by your word and impact the world; no hiding!
  • Initiation -  you choose as there is no choice
  • The test of you with You  
  • Greatest Awakening and Greatest Fear
  • Attachments 
  • Higher Chakras and Higher Support Rays
  • make yama your best friend, be always prepared to die
  • how to prepare for your physical death


Sept 21-27 Sacred Geometry: The Language of Signs, Symbols and Numbers

Every year we have a unique program, and this year the theme is about the Geometry of Codes. They are part of a subtle language to communicate with the cosmic energie, in yoga we call it Adi Shakti. This is the Universal power which rules the world. The mastery of Codes will give you access to self-empowerment, so that you could co-create with the Universe the choreography of your life, bringing in harmony, beauty and balance. 

In order to discover and work on your own geometric pattern, you need to first find out where is your reference point, your center - your bindu. And be able to stand for it and take full responsibility for who you are as an essence. Than you need to face and dissolve what stops you from your full creative potential.

We will learn how to draw harmonique patterns from different matrix, so you need to bring a ruler, a compass and blank drawing paper. As Codes works like a crystal we asks you to bring a personal crystal to be programmed in a specifique way.

This module is open for anyone who starts the level 2 this year, or who has already done (part of) it.

Registration will open in November