Kundalini Awakening

Level 2

Mar 26 - Apr 1 2022 Journey to the Beyond: the Spiritual Warrior

  • "I am the master of my destiny; I am the captain of my soul."
  • Let go your limited selves that drives your life,  and then choose your Soul desire and needs
  • What do you serve : Divine Will or Ego Will 
  • Invest yourself in your higher self, is your best contribution to Humanity 
  • Live by your word and impact the world; no hiding!
  • Initiation -  you choose as there is no choice
  • The test of you with You  
  • Greatest Awakening and Greatest Fear
  • Attachments 
  • Higher Chakras and Higher Support Rays
  • make yama your best friend, be always prepared to die
  • how to prepare for your physical death


April 23rd-29th 2022 Kundalini Dynamics: Kriya and Self Healing

  • the concept of excitement, expansion, containment, and completion applied to kriyas
  • the dynamic of the five tattwas applied to physiology and metabolism
  • symptoms of energetics and kriyas to heal deficiencies of organs and body systems (against aging, for the brain, for weight loss and gain)
  • Naad, prana, and pranayama in Kundalini Yoga
  • diet: food as medicine, pattern of transformation of colours, forms, and tattwas
  • physiology of kriya


June 18-24th 2022 Journey of the Soul: From Lineage to Destiny

  • analysis of your autobiography
  • Become aware of the transmission through the blood line “genetic body”
    • How it affects your life, your choices, your reality
  • Recognize, honour the gift of the lineage
  • finding the crucial transition points in your life
  • the cycles of destiny and fate
  • the rings of success
  • the cycles of consciousness, intelligence, and life
  • discover the destiny of your incarnation
  • how to re-write and set your goals and destiny. Including Success and prosperity


September 21-27th 2022 Journey into Mind: Trance and Transcend

  • immersion in the meditative mind 24/7
  • introduction to the sacred space and 9 aspects as 9 archetypes
  • the experience of shunia
  • breath walk and walking meditations
  • diet: special food for the brain (very light and sattvic)


2023 Journey into Listening: Multi-Dimensional Communication

  • The power to speak and to be heard
  • the art of listening: the hidden self and its agenda
  • communication therapy
  • communication and chakras
  • communication and the projection of a teacher
  • communication with the infinite and the unknown
  • the power of your prayer
  • lots of inter-actions and practices

Registration will open in autumn 2022

2023 Journey into Tantra: Light and Love

  • how a relationship can be harmonious, joyful and conscisous
  • how to be your best Self and support the other one to be their best Self
  • new models of relationship in the modern world
  • your partner as your mirror
  • relationship as a way to bring up to the surface your fears and limitations so that they can be healed and transformed, and we can experience the new level of joy
  • relationshp with YOURSELF - you are the ONLY ONE who can complete you

Special assignment: For the 40 days before the course a mono-diet of kitcheree, the practice of Sat Kriya for 11 minutes per day, and refraining from sex.

Registration will open in autumn 2022

2023 Sacred Geometry: The Language of Signs, Symbols and Numbers

Every year we have a unique program.
The subject of this year: Tetrahedron. Body of Light (Merkaba)

  • your Field of Life and the Egg of Life
  • how Universal energy field influences your personal field and how your personal field influences the Universal field
  • reading the aura
  • activating the Body of Light with pranayama
  • building the geometry that will bring you onto the orbit of your destiny